Okay, I’m a feminist. I don’t go round in parades or protests but I am still a feminist. Being a feminist is, according to the dictionary, fighting for equality amongst both sexes. No it does not mean that women are superior. It just means that WE ARE ALL EQUAL! We need to let people know that being feminist is being equal, so many people just assume that feminists want to rule the world. YES there are people that take it too far, of course there are, in every political or basic rights group are there people who talk it too far, we however should not be insulted and demeaned because of a few people who take it too far. Just recently I got into a argument with someone how called feminists ‘gay’ and ‘stupid’. Oh I’m sorry, I had no idea that believing in equal rights had ANYTHING to do with my sexuality and my intelligence. I gave him my opinion and after a argument I whipped out the dictionary definition of feminism, I received K in response. I’m not saying go and join protests or whatever makes you uncomfortable simply by defending someone who is getting insulted or defending a group or religion, even by doing that we are helping change the world one person at a time.
#changetheworld one person at a time.
Just a quick lil first blog post.